Juno Pharmaceuticals

Creating a platform in Pharma
K2 Medical. A Kahma Group Division.
Juno Pharmaceuticals (Pty ) Ltd is a joint venture between the Kahma Group and Juno Pharma International . The business is operated by the Kahma Group where together with Juno International is developing a strong pipeline of prescription and over the counter ( OTC) products.

Vision and mission

Our vision for Juno Pharmaceuticals South Africa is to be a leading pharmaceutical company, supplying quality and affordable medicines to all South Africans.

Our mission is to establish strong business development to grow profitable acquisitions, joint ventures, co-marketing ventures and manufacturing and distribution agreements, including currently marketed products.

A powerful combination of international and local knowledge

We aim to use our combined local knowledge and experience in the South African market together with Juno’s international business development, licensing and sourcing experience to create an excellent platform to grow a specialist pharmaceutical business initially in South Africa and then further north into SADEC.

Our aims:

  • Identify ‘best fit’ acquisitions/JV’s/distributorships/partnerships
  • Market therapeutically niched products and markets, particularly where other companies don’t compete
  • Provide quality and affordable products, across a wide range of therapeutic areas
  • Provide a broad product range, from OTCs and generics, to prescription/branded products
  • Provide unrivalled services