Henry Schein Dental Warehouse

A leader in dental products
Kahma Group Investment. Dental Warehouse
The Dental Warehouse was founded in 1990 and distributes branded consumables to dentists, private clinics, retailers, government and universities.

It is the second biggest distributor in the sector, and with the strength of Henry Schein, the world’s biggest distributor to dental practices, it is poised to grow significantly in the next three years.

The Henry Schein Dental Warehouse has a strong franchise in the South African dental market as a leading distributor of renowned dental products. The major brands supplied by Dental Warehouse include: Colgate, Steriwise, 3M, Septodont and Vivadent. The Dental Warehouse distributes predominantly in South Africa, however products are exported to more than 10 other African countries including Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.